bionection   Partnering Conference for Technology Transfer in Life Sciences


9th | 10th October 2014
Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, GERMANY



bionection pairs up basic and applied research with innovative enterprises to foster new products. We bring together top scientists and technology transfer professionals with the international life science industry.


Symbiosis of independent research and industry-pull to enforce market-oriented developments.

Hungary is this year's preferred partner.


The partnering conference is organised and hosted by biosaxony the association for life sciences in Saxony.


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I warmly invite you to bionection 2014. Technology transfer from research labs to product development plays a key role in the application of biotechnology. Cooperation between research and industry is a driver for innovation. Therefore we designed bionection providing a platform to present applicable ideas towards national and international companies. I am looking forward for your registration to enforce new partnerships making research usable for mankind.

André Hofmann
CEO biosaxony


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